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The Scale Says What?!…7 months and counting!


One thing I enjoy each month is celebrating another anniversary of becoming a healthy individual.  Friday, July 13 was seven months since surgery.  I have never felt better in my life.  I am becoming more confident with every day and matching what I am seeing in the mirror with the photographs in my mind.

When I stepped on the scale today, I have officially lost 90 pounds from when I first met with Dr. Moazzez at Bluepoint Surgical.  I am down 10 dress sizes (oh and I am wearing dresses!).   I do need to get some photos taken this week to post as an update but I promise you that it will be worth the wait!

I still struggle to find the perfect exercise pattern.  Thank goodness for Bentley, my chocolate lab, he is my walking buddy.  I love taking him out and about with me.  He keeps me honest!  The yoga class I was taking ended and they didn’t renew the session for lack of interest.  I am now in search of a new yoga class that I can go to during the week at work.

I am watching Extreme Makeover tonight and am hearing so many of the words that I have said about myself from Nyla who is on the show tonight.  What people saw on my exterior – my confidence, my humor, my laugh – was not at what was going on in my inside.  I was a scared individual who didn’t believe that I deserved to be happy all the way through.  I can identify with the struggles that she is sharing on national TV.  Many have said that they can’t imagine that is how I felt – that is the whole point – I didn’t want anyone to know that is how I felt.  So I hid behind my weight and in the comfort of the food that took away the pain, I buried myself in my career as the ‘fat girl’ had to try harder to prove herself.  As I shed those beliefs and attitudes, I am becoming a stronger person whose exterior confidence matches the inside!

So to answer a question that Bryan Dodge asked me a few months ago…Where do I see myself in two years?  What am I seeing? – Bryan: this is for you – I see a fun loving, confident self who knows that she is a pretty and beautiful as the mirror tells her everyday!  My smile that I am famous for – matches the person inside! And I am loving that person fully every day.  I am blessed to have had this opportunity and do not take for granted one day.  I am shedding more than weight I am shedding bad habits – I am decluttering my life with Kathleen Ronald’s DeClutter U Program – from beliefs to stuff to relationships. I am learning to be kind to myself.  I am learning to give myself credit for my accomplishments and acknowledge my weaknesses.  I am facing issues head on and standing for myself.  I am appreciating where I am in life more than ever before.

So as you read this post and are thinking about having surgery to help you lose weight…that is just part of the process – the real work happens long after you leave the surgery table.  It is understanding that you will need to think about what you eat at every meal (yes, that is right no more McDonald’s, Burger King, Hardees, etc.), you will face ups and downs, you will deal with emotions and feelings that you have either buried or never dealt with before – you are worth it!

I know I am!

Until next month…enjoy a peaceful July!


The Scale Says What?!!!…The Journey Continues!


It has been a while since I wrote an update on my journey to better health.  I’ll start with the great news…I had my six month check up and Tiffany, the PA, at Blue Point said words that I didn’t expect to hear…You are no longer considered obese!  My BMI is below 30 and that makes me normal in the medical world.  Holy cow!  Did I hear her correctly? So I asked her to repeat it.  And she said it again.

The other news she gave me was that all of my other numbers – cholesterol both the good and the bad, Vitamin D, B, and all the other things they check are all GREAT!  Blood pressure is so low that I don’t recognize it.

And it didn’t stop there…I have lost 72% of my pre-surgery weight.  They consider a patient successful with 60 – 65% weight loss. And I am not done.  I am excited to continue the journey to better health.

As I go through this journey, I am being challenged to “rewire” my brain to think more positively, to be kind to myself (yes, Tiffany, I am practicing your instructions), and to make me a priority.  From accepting compliments from well wishers and friends to loving the look I see in the mirror now, I am learning how to embrace the newness of this in my life.  This is a challenge that many have when it comes to weight loss – whether it is through the process of surgery or other methods – and it is one of the reasons that people can fail.

So how do I deal with this new phenomenon? Learning to simply say “thanks” and not to undermine a compliment – not as easy as it sounds – but I am practicing every day.  I have begun beginning my day with a positive affirmations such as “have joy today in all that you do” or “today is the best day in the world” or “hello beautiful” – just a few things that you would hear if you were able to listen in on my morning ritual.

Another new thing that I am doing is a “time in” where I spend 10 minutes a day simply being quiet.  Now for those that know me – you will find that fascinating – but it is giving me time to reflect, put things in order and understand where I need to head on this journey.  I have to give the credit for this concept to Tim Durkin who was the facilitator at the IAEE Krakoff Leadership Institute this past May.  It is very challenging to be quiet for 10 minutes a day but I am finding it to helpful to keep me focused.  Thanks Tim for sharing this with us.

I am thankful for all the goodness that has come my way as I go through this journey.  My willingness to talk about having this surgery has given me the opportunity to share with people on a level that otherwise would not be.

What are you thankful for that has come your way as a result of making a major change?

P.S.  As I close, I realized that I haven’t told you the best news…I have lost 85# and am in a size 14!